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For a quick overview on the different components of a chart and what they mean, please refer to the blog post The Anatomy of a BaZi chart. BaZi consultants do not consider themselves fortune-tellers since the implication of fortune-telling is that it involves some measure of entertainment value, has a negative connotation in the form of an implication of impending or foreboding doom, and most people regard it as inaccurate.

BaZi is not for entertainment, it is not only about bad luck, and it is not inaccurate if done by a professional. It is a useful tool in which to utilise for planning your life and most importantly, achieving all that you can achieve in life. We prefer to see ourselves as analysts.

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We look at the data about your life, as contained in your BaZi chart, analyse it for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats SWOT , and aim to help you find a way to navigate through the maze, and capitalise on the positive opportunities. As with any craft or skill, the level of accuracy is dictated by the experience and skill of the consultant.

In itself, BaZi is accurate in terms of its ability to pinpoint character traits, personality, skills and attributes of the individual.

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It is accurate when it comes to predicting possible problems, obstacles or advantages that come up in the future. The usual circumstances where problems creep in and accuracy is effected is when clients are not candid or honest with the consultant on the circumstances of the situation. Okay, this is a bit of a problematic situation. One solution: ask mom.

Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) Calculator

The absence of a time of birth does not mean that a BaZi chart cannot be read. Sometimes, if based on the first three pillars of the BaZi chart, certain elements are missing, then the Hour Palace becomes significant since these missing elements may well be present in the Hour Pillar.

When it comes to aspects that are affected by the Hour Palace, the relationship of the person with their children, or their staff, will be difficult to ascertain. Is this necessary?

I do not do this. I simply use the time of birth that is written on the birth certificate as definitive. For an exploration of this subject matter, please read the blog entry entitled A Brief History of Chinese Time. Do I belong to the year before or the year after? The two calendars are the Lunar Calendar and the Solar Calendar.

The Lunar calendar, as the name suggests, is a calendar that follows the sightings of the moon. It has no missing months, or double months, and follows the Western calendaring system with 12 months.

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Depending on which system of astrology you are using, your Animal Year may or may not be dictated by the date that Chinese New Year falls on, since it depends on whether or not that system uses the Lunar Calendar. As such, if a person is born on the eve of Chinese New Year, in which the New Year is the Year of the Rat, then that person belongs to the Animal Sign of the previous year, which is the Pig. However, this is not the case when it comes to BaZi because BaZi does not use Chinese New Year as the reference point for the transit to the next year.

BaZi uses the Solar Calendar, which has a preset transit point for each year, namely, February 4th. As such, whether or not a person falls into a certain animal sign depends on whether or not they were born before, or after February 4th in a given year.

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This is irrespective of the date Chinese New Year falls on. A person born on February 3rd would still be regarded as being born in the year of the Dog, and thus would be associated with the Dog Animal Sign.

By contrast, a person born on February 4th would be regarded as born in the Year of the Pig. There are two ways in which to plot a BaZi chart: manual and using software. I would not recommend this approach as it is prone to errors, especially if you are not familiar with the methodology required to use the calendar. A much easier method of obtaining your BaZi chart without the pain of having to learn 22 Chinese characters and a whole new calendar, is to simply use BaZi Chart software.

This is widely available online — If you google this subject, you will get back a whole bunch of options. It is because I have tried out several of the calculators out there and some of them have errors. What is the difference between the different Bazi calculators available online out there?

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Well, some of them have computational errors, or errors for example, presenting the Pig Branch as containing Gui Water instead of Ren Water. Some in their efforts to personalise the calculator, try to adjust the presentation format and so sometimes that results in some confusion or some alteration of the data. Some calculators are hybrid calculators, derived from certain theories and ideas which the developers of the calculators have about how BaZi should be interpreted. For example, the calculator at geomancy. I get a different answer from different calculators when it comes to my Month Pillar.

Why does this happen? It depends on the calculator and whether or not the correct information about the transit point from one month to another has been correctly input. Each pillar consists of a Heavenly Stem i.

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By gaining an in depth understanding of these elements and their influence in our lives and fate, we can pave way for a smoother life with lesser obstacles. Our destiny or Heaven luck is determined at the time we are born therefore we have no control over it. We can, however, choose how we wish to walk through life by gaining an insightinto the life map or destiny we have been born with. By understanding our BaZi chart, we can identify available options and chose the appropriate course of action.

We can also have an idea about what is the purpose of our life, our karmic situation and the kind of obstacles and shortfalls that we may experience in this life time. By having the knowledge about these factors, we can do the right thing, at the right time and make the most of what destiny has to offer us. Following your destiny and understanding its cycles can make life much simpler for if one does not follow his or her true path, the suffering and obstacles in life remain the same, if not increase in proportion.

BaZi also helps us gain an insight into various aspects of our life like our career, relationships and the people in our lives. One can understand what the right career path is and what fields are suitable and profitable for us.

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We can also understand what kind of investments would bear fruit and what form of investments should be avoided. The beauty of BaZi is that the problems and obstacles that we are meant to encounter can be overcome and significantly reduced by the application of good Feng Shui and the right remedies. In simpler terms, BaZi is the diagnosis and Feng Shui is the prescription! This entire system is based on pure logic and scientific calculations.