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I spent the afternoon with Daniel, hearing what he had to share about Shamanic astrology…. It really is a very individual and organic process, unique to the astrologer that is doing the interpreting. Shamanic astrology first considers the Moon and its orbit or node. These components are the building blocks in Shamanic astrology interpretation, although again, it does consider all the planets in the Solar System.

With the Shamanic system, the emphasis is not on the Sun sign, which most people are familiar with. Nearly all astrologers agree that the Moon and other factors in the chart are of equal or more significance than the Sun sign. A student of astrology since the 60s, Daniel has taken ancient and modern techniques and set up the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School in Milwaukie, Oregon, although he travels the world-over to teach and lecture.

Shamanic astrology distills this notion further and beyond this, tells you what role you were likely to have played within your tribe, for example a healer, defender or communicator.

A point of difference to emphasise is that Shamanic astrology works with archeytypes and is driven by these points, not the aspects in a birth chart. Wilson Awards for excellence in business journalism — more than any other person. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error.

Course 5 – Peru Amazon Rainforest – Living two months with Shamans – Paititi Institute review

I do not wish to be one of them, beyond the next sentence! I had a love for astrology years ago which I am taking up again with the goal of successful chart interpretation. A reading that I received mentioned shamanism, and that it is something I may get involved with. I will be studying astrology intensely this summer. I also received the first mention of Terence McKenna from a video made by the same astrologer from whom I got the reading.

Lots of synchronicity here which I find more than interesting. Thanks again. Click here to assign widgets to this area. Join our Ayahuasca Updates tribe for stories and updates from the Jungle. First Name. Last Name. Follow Us Unable to display Facebook posts. Author GuyCrittenden.

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April 22, at pm. June 2, at am. Below you can watch it for free. It deals with 8 people who suffer from terminal illnesses like cancer, parkinson, crohn etc. I was so intrigued by the authenticity of this healing place that I researched it. The reason is the unique combination at Paititi Institute. Around 16 years ago, Roman a western guy ventured on his own into the Amazon trying to find some remedy to his Crohn disease.

There deep down in the amazonian rainforrest he found indigenous Shamans and started to live with them. Within 8 months they healed him completely. After that he was so intrigued that he apprenticed and became a Shaman himself. He now is the wisdom holder of this ancient knowledge and acts like an intercultural bridge to the western world.

Shamanic death and integration - Arkana Ayahuasca Retreat

After the Sacred Science movie created some awareness Paititi Institute was born. At this magnificent place I was volunteering for 7 weeks. I was allowed to take part in so many ceremonies, teachings and healings that I went on a deep healing journey myself. The reason why Paititi is such a great place is because it is like a pressure cooker for your other side.

I lived in a tent for 7 weeks. Moreover its this unique combination of ancient healing modalities. If you want to get to know more about the different healing modalities offered there have a look here. I went to my darkest deep buried shadows and to my brightest lights.

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  • Along the way I not only found myself but a second home and a new family. What I can say is: It was an amazing self journey and I faced so much of my other side, which I am infinitely grateful for but it was also super intense.

    Amazon Shamanic Retreat

    My advise for you is to only go there if you are really willing and feel ready to fully face yourself. You should also have already build up a foundation of your other side to build upon. Have you ever had Shamanic experiences? Where and how was it?